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I just turned Painter 12 into Alchemy. Sort of.

Watching Andrew Jones’ videos on the ImagineFX Youtube channel made me look for a way to add those nice random shapes Alchemy makes into Painter. I found this old thread on the Concept Art forums, but the nozzle library supplied doesn’t work with Painter 12, so I made my own random shapes in Alchemy and made my own library. Using the brushes supplied in that forum post I can now splat down all the random shapes I desire, muuuuhahahahahahahahaaaaa~!

If you want to be part of this magic too but have Painter 12 and the library from the forum post won’t work, have a look at this link, as it explains how to make your own nozzles. I’d be willing to share mine too of course, just let me know if you want them, but it’s very easy to make your own.

If you want this but don’t have Painter, I have no idea how to do this as I don’t understand how brushmaking works in the more recent Photoshop versions (I was rocking version 5 back when I was still in the brushmaking business!). Try out Alchemy, at least! I cannot stress enough how cool that little program is, even if you’re not an artsy person.

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