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To prove that I haven’t gotten abducted, disappeared and/or died, and in honor of the World of Warcraft patch that’s coming out tomorrow that will bring us new character models I’ve decided to ‘introduce’ my 5 level 90’s, or, the things I’m spending most of my time with now that I’ve suddenly lost all urge to draw (yes yes, before you ask, portraits are still on my to do).

Lunith is my main. She’s a retribution paladin and while I don’t RP, whenever I play her I feel more inclined to help people. It’s a pala thing I guess.
I made her back in vanilla when Ro went on vacation for a few weeks (we weren’t together yet so that’s over 8 1/2 years ago). His main was a paladin and I wanted to have something to remind me of him. And so Lunith (or as she was called then, Tanith) was born. Because I spend all my time playing her, paladin is really the only class I know how to play well. I don’t have a special title just for her but I tend to give her the paladin-sounding ones like Argent Champion or Crusader. I’m considering grinding out the Justicar title for her. She has an impressive collection of plate bikinis.
Her flying mount is the Twilight Harbinger and her ground mount is usually the Argent Charger, but I’ve recently switched to the Quel’dorei Steed to match her Squire’s.

Professor Lusie (from Scholomance) is my warlock and was formerly known as Manach, but the same realm transfer that made me rename Tanith to Lunith gave Manach his nice new girly name. I put the Professor title on him as a joke because his transmog made him look like a Scholomance npc, but because I finished the green fire quest on him tomorrow he’ll have a respectable warlock title. I’ve had Lusie almost as long as Lunith but I only recently leveled him from 70 to 90. He was affliction for the longest time but I switched to destruction recently and really like basically being a mage :P.
His flying mount is the Headless Horseman’s mount and his ground mount usually is too, except when he’s on his Dreadsteed.

Arbelle the Insane is my useless rogue. I am the worst at playing rogues. I just love how she looks so much. Arbelle was actually created as a joke to match Ro’s rogue Arbell but she’s just so beautiful that I can’t help keeping her up with the expansions. Great care has gone into making her transmog look as glorious as possible. I started grinding out the Insane title for her specifically, back when she was still a wee little level 30 rogue when the title was announced. Whenever I play her I’m more inclined to be an asshole. It’s a rogue thing.
Her ground mount is a Yak or Goat and her flying mount is one of the engineering ones.

Lilune the Crazy Cat Lady is my hunter. She’s had her pet cat, OhDonPiano, since vanilla. Her little non-combatpet cat is called Oh My Dog.
She was named after a character from a Tanith Lee book and my go-to farm gal. She has farmed up a few whelplings and a Disgusting Oozeling and has also been quite lucky getting rare mounts to drop. Part of being a hunter I guess.
Her ground mount is a Winterspring Frostsaber and her flying mount is the Onyxian Drake, that she found herself.

And then we get to Lironne, my priest who likes to pretend she’s a spooky ghost. Lironne was the first character I ever created. I used to PVP with her a lot back in vanilla because I wanted the priest PVP shoulders. I earned them! But I can’t use them for transmog because she never attained the highest rank… Bitter? Me? I’ll just keep it in my bank forever and ever.
She’s basically retired, I just dust her off every expansion to level her to max and keep her as a (dis)enchanter. I think she looks really cool though :3
Her ground mount is a My Little Pony and her flying mount is a rug.

The patch hits tomorrow and I’ll post the updated models for them with my thoughts. I already know I’ll cry forever over Arbelle ;_;

So how many requests did you get in total?

Nonny I get that you’re probably excited and impatient to get some free art but prodding me about it anonymously isn’t really making me want to jump up and do them, just fyi.

There’s 3 more left of which 2 are sketched out. If you message me from your account instead of on anonymous I can tell you where you are in the queue.

Linte does not like catching piggybackrides from his parents. (because those scales go right up his butt??)

Trying out a shading thing, it worked pretty nice I think! The background is just a gradient with CG Textures photo’s of the sky on top.

Portrait requests continued, this is mallow’s Shea Hawke.

I’m going to be filling these chronologically, first request first served! I’ll alternate these with my own dooodlings so I don’t get burnt out on them :D (there’s really not very many left to do, I’m making it sound like there’s 100s XD)

Cheating at sketchblogging by posting older things~

I noticed I hadn’t posted this one when I made it a couple of weeks ago so… I remember I just felt like drawing my armored characters when doing this, they’re not merging worlds :3


One of these is not like the others… I shouldn’t do proper works every once in a while, just sloppy sketches all the time so I seem like I’m consistent. Shitty, but consistent XD

Obligatory link to my charahub goes here~

I am uncharacteristically chatty this morning it seems. I was working on a charahub page for Rakh’s whelp before leaving for work, hoping to be able to further update it on my commute. But it seems the charahub website does not work well with mobile and I can’t open any fields ;_;

I have tentatively named him Lintefeymi. Lint meaning ribbon in Dutch, which leads to serpentine, which leads to serpent, which leads to dragon. Fey meaning fairy of course (Kin is an elf who named him, so, elf/fey, same diff). And mi just because it’s a cute sound and I wanted it to have the same feel as Kinryni.

I will never use this ridiculous full name of course. We’ll call him Linte.

Because I mostly browse Tumblr on my mobile while commuting I’ve decided to start using the like system to keep track of where I am on my dash. In case anyone was wondering where the sudden like-flood from this lurker is coming from! :D

· rory babbles ·
Oh man, dreams are ridiculous

I never remember any good dreams, just really ridiculous ones that feel like real life I guess. The amount of times I’ll have already gone to work only to wake up… xD

So that lip-biting pose on Rakh’s whelp must have really bothered me because I dreamt someone anonymously sent me a ‘how to draw lip biting’ tutorial and I was really happy (and also kind of pissed for the implied insult)

· rory babbles ·

Trying to get into a groove with a portrait of Rakh’s whelp for myself, aka “dat assss”, aka “help where does the nose go again?!”. No, seriously, this took like 2 hours ;_;

I wanted a doodly to sort of match the other parent’s one. 2 ‘fathers’, yes XD (let’s not go into my ideas on dragon breeding for this universe, ok)

I really need a name for this character because I like the design too much and I want to Do Things™ with them.
Kin would be the one to make up the name of course so it’d be elaborate and horribly inappropriate and possibly shortened to a nickname that’d sound at least sort of respectable (or horribly girly, knowing me >_>). I think I’ll have to spend some time with the Fantasy Name Generator again.

Finally got my legendary cloak! Finished with this expansion! XD

Soooo about those requests....

Hey nonny! Soooo.

Currently my arm is not in drawing condition because I’m a big baby when it comes to getting blood drawn :3

Also I have just not been drawing at all! The last thing I drew was that kid of Rakh and before that it’s two straight months of nothing.

Please be a bit more patient with me, it’s not like I’m only drawing other things. I haven’t forgotten, I promise.

Noticed I forgot to re-add the freckles after coloring so, eh, repost. It’s a longer crop so it’s slightly different! :P

Full body version (updated to freckles version too)

Welcome back to “Guys(?) in Vests™”. This hatches from this.

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